P7|CMI Zoom Call is a monthly resource to INFORM | INSPIRE | IGNITE students to be leaders on their campuses. Every 2nd Thursday of the Month at 7PM CST we go live via Zoom at the following link https://zoom.us/j/94214035222.  We have guest speakers and spend time sharing and encouraging one another. So whether you have a campus ministry or not this is a zoom call you want to be on! You can join the conversation via social media and have your questions answered live or even ask in the chat via zoom. If you have a question or topic you would like for us to address please let us know.


Whether your home-schooled, virtual, or in-person we encourage you to register your P7 Club and make sure to tag us on social media!

The P7 team welcomes you to the Youth Pastor section of the P7 site. We are thrilled to help you discover your role in starting Bible Clubs in schools across North America. Carefully consider the following most commonly asked questions by youth leaders in order to further your efforts to start Bible Clubs in the schools in your community.